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Bulgaru Ltd is a manufacturer from Bulgaria specialising in the production of chairs, barstools and tables for the commercial seating industry.

Most items from our collections are suitable for both residential and commercial premises. We have our own exclusive lines "Class" and "4th collection", developed by the Bulgarian designers from Almost Studio & and "Narvik" by Ilian Milinov. We work very closely with our clients and build relationships of loyalty, reliability and mutual trust.


Our company can develop your idea into a 3D model with the 3D CAD design software SolidWorks, send it to you for approval and then produce it in accordance with the approved drawing. We supply our products finished, unfinished, semi-KD, assembled, with or without upholstery - according to the requirements of our clients.


Through our clients, we have furnished many cruise-ship lines, hotels and restaurants: Hilton and Marriot in the USA, Hotel Maritim in Berlin, Costa Café in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Greece, Wendy's in the USA, Hard Rock Cafe in the USA, TGI Fridays in the USA, England, Poland, Dubai etc. We export to Holland, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, the USA, Finland, Italy, Greece and Russia.


At Bulgaru Ltd we guarantee high product quality, strict delivery schedules and competitive pricing.

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